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                Hardware Specification
                1.WaterPoof Method   need waterproof case
                2.WaterPoof shell   Need
                3.Waterproof Depth  30M
                4.DSP   NTK96655
                5.COMS Sensor  AR0330 (12MP)
                6.Viewing Angle  170º、140°、110°、70°
                7.Focus 12cm~infinite
                8.Audio Input   Microphone
                9.Audio Output  Speaker
                10.HDMI output  Support
                11.USB interface   USB2.0, Micro 5 Pin USB
                12.TV output    Support
                13.Storage  Support Micro SD(Up to128GB)
                14.LCD  2.0' LTPS LCD(Highlight)
                15.Battery   3.7V  900mAh li-ion  rechargeable battery
                16.Life-span   70 Minutes
                17.Dimension  29.8x59.2x41 mm

                Software Specification
                1.WIFI Control  YES
                2.Video Resolution  1080P(1920 x 1080) 30fps / 720P(1280 x 720)60fps,                        WVGA@240fps
                3.Video Format   MOV
                4.Video Recording Mode  Loop recording
                5.Image resolution  12M/8M/5M/3/M/2M/1.3M
                6.Image Format   JPEG
                7.Burst   3-10 photos per second (for rapid shutter action)
                8.Playback  Support
                9.Rotation mode  Support
                10.Video Lapse  Support
                11.Data Stamp   Auto
                12.White Balance  Auto
                13.EV Compensation  -2.0 ~ +2.0
                14.Shutter Control  Electronic
                15.Car Mode   Support
                16.PC Camera   Support
                17.Adjustable wide-angle fish-eye lens   Support 170°/140°/110°/70°
                18.Gyro Stabilizer   Support

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