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                Image sensor 5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS
                Lens F=2.5,FOV=55°
                IR arrange: IR arrange 52PCS IR LED/20M
                Memory: Support SD/SDHC 卡,Max to 32GB
                Image format JPEG
                Image resolution 16MP/12MP/10MP/8MP/5MP/3MP/2MP/1.3MP
                Video format AVI
                Video resolution FHD/720P/VGA
                Video time 3S~10 miniutes
                LCD screen 2 inch TFT-LCD (4:3)
                PIR sensing distance 15~20m
                PIR sensing view angle  90 degrees
                Device serial number Support
                Time-lapse recording interval Support
                Operating Voltage Battery: 6V; DC:6V
                Battery Type  4* AA batteries or 8* AA batteries
                External power supply DC 6V
                Standby power consumption 0.15mA
                Infrared turn on taking photo:220mA
                Infrare closed taking photo:1.5A
                Standby time  4 ~ 6 months (4*AA batteries or 5*AA batteries)
                Interface TV out/USB/SD Card/DC Port
                Operating temperature   -15°C to 60°C
                storage temperature  -30 °C to 70°C
                Operating humidity 5%-90%
                Wateproof class IP54
                Dimension 150(L)×110(W)×68(H)mm

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