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                  About Us

                  Shenzhen Holide Electronic Co., Ltd . is a 12 years experienced digital camera and digital healthy care product factory. Extalished in 2001, primitive name is Ronghuada electronics factory, covers an are of 4700 square meters.
                  We have the modernization product equipment, and strictly produce based on ISO9002 international quality system. Always provide our customer with the newest and qualified products.
                  Holide's main products are: digital camera, digital video camcorder, car black box, digital healthy/beauty care products.
                  Over the years, our factory treat business Credit in the first place, and quality always NO.1 as our running mode. And set our goal to provide our customer the best quality, best price and best lead time, which win the high praise from our customer.

                  Copyright ? 2017 copyright:SHENZHEN HOLIDE ELECTONIC CO.,LTD